Interested in Membership at SBYC?

Good thinking!

South Beach Yacht Club welcomes enthusiastic people 

who provide strength and diversity to the Club.

Don't miss the boat. Whether you're a beginning sailor 

or an expert, a racer, a cruiser, own a sailboat

or a powerboat, or even if you have no boat at all, as long as you have 

a demonstrated current interest in boating,

South Beach Yacht Club welcomes you as a potential member 

and contributor to the Club's future!

Our members come from all over the Bay Area (and some from far beyond). 

Many members have boats; some do not.

But the one thing we all have in common is an interest in boating and 

a willingness to enjoy good times together.

We are an all volunteer-based organization that requires the 

active involvement of all our members.

This keeps our dues down, the food and drink prices reasonable, 

and promotes a family spirit among our members.

Volunteers invariably feel paid back many times over for their efforts.

We keep our membership categories simple and typically meet most people's needs.

Read below to find a membership category that is right for you!


Membership Categories

Membership Category                                       Monthly                     Annual


(One adult member of a household)                $63.82                        $765.84

Family                                                                   $102.13                        $1225.57

(Up to two adult members of a single household, plus dependents, living in the same household.)

Non-Voting Memberships:

Have full privileges of the Club with the exception of the right to vote, hold office and serve on the Election Committee.

Corinthian                                                          $25.52                           $306.24

21 – 25 years of age

Junior                                                                   $19.15                          $229.80

Up to 21 years of age

Non-Resident/Cruising                                   $150.00

(Non-voting category. Must be a full member in good standing for 5 years.)


New Member Fees

Application Fee: One-time, non-refundable fee paid upon submission of application.

Initiation Fee: On-time fee paid prior to Installation of new member.

Monthly Dues: Paid each month or on a yearly basis, in advance. Dues payments may be made via check, PayPal, or credit card on account.

Individual Membership Application FeeInitiation Fee 
Age 25-35 $100$750
Age 35-45$100$1,000
Age 46+$100$1,500
Family Membership  
Age 25-35$100$1,000
Age 35-45$100$1,500
Age 46+$100$2,000
Corinthian MembershipNone$40
Junior MembershipNone$25




  • When applying for membership, your completed application must include a non-refundable $100 application fee.
    If accepted as a member the $100 is posted towards total due.

  • Initiation fee and first month dues must be paid prior to the installation of a new member.

The above Dues and Fees are effective as of January 1, 2022, including an annual CPI adjustment.


Complete the following Membership Application.

A non-refundable application fee of $100 is processed online

Ideally acquire the names of  three member sponsors before you submit your application.

If you do not have 3 member sponsors, or you are unfamiliar with the Club or its members,

don't hesitate to contact our Membership Officer Patti for more information and guidance.


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