Club Rental 

How would you like to have your own private party at our beautiful SBYC facility?

A birthday party, an anniversary, a company Christmas party, an alumni event.

We have had several very successful events so far this year, and want to be sure

that all of our members are aware of the availability of the Club for your own needs.

The event can be tailored to your particular needs, and can include food and bar service.

Club rentals are available Monday through Thursdays, outside of normal Club operating hours.

For smaller groups, we may be able to do your event during Club hours, as long as it does not

interrupt the normal activities of the Club.

Types of Club Rentals Available

Member Rental: This is a party where you as a member must be present as host of the party.
You will need to identify a member who is willing to be the OOD for your event.

Rental to a non-profit: For non-profit organizations an OOD is needed to supervise the event,
but if additional bar help is needed, we have access to professional contractors.
Contracted bartender fees and the relevant insurance coverage will be added to the total.

Non-member Rental: A member may refer an organization to us,
and we will work out the details with the organization.
Market rate fees for the facility, food and bar are offered.

Contact the, to provide
further details and answer questions about your proposed event.

Relevant Documents

Non Member Rental Request & Pricing

To reserve a date for your event, you will need to ensure all required documentation
and deposits are complete which we will assist in navigating you with all your planning details.

We look forward to working with you.


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