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CANCELLED: Race Committee Workshop



CANCELLED: Race Committee Workshop


San Francisco, CA


If you missed it before, you have another chance!


            Sailboat racing is growing in numbers and diversity.

Race Committee is the segment of the sport that supports the races and a critical part of the sport of racing. 

There is challenge, excitement, and growth in this part of the Sport of Sailing. You can become a vital part.


Last March, SBYC held a race committee workshop which really helped us run the races. 

The results were new recruits trained, former RC members refreshed their skills, and others raised to the next level.

We now have 2 timers, 2 scorers, 1 new PRO and one PRO in training.

I cannot stress how important this is to the Club. 


          RACE COMMITTEE WORKSHOP on July 16th at 10 AM. There will be in Club class from 10 – 11:30, then lunch, then on the water experience in the afternoon.


            Workshop is for:

  • For potential RC volunteers
  • For RC members who want to learn a new higher-level skill
  • For RC members who want to refresh their current skills and grow
  • For Skippers and Crew who want to get an inside look at how the races are run
  • Anyone who is simply interested in learning how races are run.



CANCELLED: Race Committee Workshop RSVPs.